Beyond Veiled Cliches by Amal Awad

Beyond Veiled Cliches

‘Magnificent. Surprising. Illuminating. Australia needs this book.’
Nikki Gemmell

“…an engaging blend of memoir, travelogue and interviews exploring the lives of Arab women in Australia and the Middle East”.
Shakira Hussein, The Australian

“…Awad reminds us there is much more to Arab women than both Islam and reductive western cliches”.
Ruby Hamad, Spectrum in The Age

“Writing a good yarn is difficult. Evoking the voice of others is no picnic, either. With grace and with wit, Awad has done both, while offering us an informal but informed look at the lives and minds of Arab women. These others among others from that part of the world we in the West happily continue to find mysterious are not others, here.

“This is not a book that asks us to make moral or political choices and it is not a book that asks us to be better. It is a book, however, that will educate us about the region—and not just the way parts of it work, but how it has functioned to date in the Western view. You’ll take in a little foreign policy tuition without even knowing it in a book that is warm and wise.”
Helen Razer

“The most refreshing aspect of Beyond Veiled Cliches is that it subverts the narrative of Arab and Muslim women as a fixed category. Readers encounter a range of voices and stories that contradict and disagree and rub up against each other in different ways. This is the strength of Amal’s book. There is no way to walk away with a single conclusion.

“Written with sensitivity and frankness, Amal presents readers with the nuance, complexity and diversity of Arab women both here and in the Middle East.”
Randa Abdel-Fattah

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