Samantha Wills’ beautiful mantras

I’m not very fashion conscious, but I love jewellery. In particular, I have long been a fan of Samantha Wills’ bohemian luxe style. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha for The Vine and an inflight magazine, and so I remain a bit of a fan girl.

My first SW pieces were a set of gold bangles my best friend bought me for my birthday several years ago, with various lucky charms. I still use these to this day.

But last year, I bought a rose gold messenger bangle for myself, and the same one for a beautiful friend. On the outside it says: “Be strong be confident be irreplaceably you”. Inside it reads: “Because you are magical”.


‘Be Strong’ messenger bangle in gold by SW

It’s a lovely talisman, a reminder for the days when you feel very small and stagnant.

Samantha has now released a new set of mantra bangles and I really want one to pair up with my magic messenger one. The only question is: which one to get? There are a variety of empowering statements, and they are also available as necklaces. I quite like the reminder to “live this moment”.


‘Dance in the rain’ in gold by SW (Beautiful mantras)


‘Live this moment’ in rose gold by SW (Beautiful mantras)