Review: Imagine by Lydia Ievleva

Imagine book coverThe full title is ‘Imagine – Using mental imagery to reach your full potential’, and it had me at the colourful cover. The author is Lydia Ievleva and her credentials are set out with the ‘PhD’ after her name.

Ievleva covers everything from mindfulness to using mental imagery to chart a new course for your life. This, she argues, helps to break bad habits and patterns. Interestingly, she includes a section on creating a “soundtrack to your life”. Music has an impact on our health and wellbeing. I’m in total agreement with that.

It’s actually an easy read, but it’s long and dense. Importantly though, it’s designed to be a practical guide that can be read out of order if, like just about every cyberwebs user, you have a slowly receding attention span.

I’d recommend this for those who dig guided visualisation meditation, or find themselves manifesting using colour and the like.

Find out more about the book here, and Ievleva has a blog here.