Naturelusting is a way of life

Natureluster Stacey DemarcoOn the weekend, I attended a great  session by Stacey Demarco (aka The Modern Witch), where she talked about her new initiative, Natureluster. Stacey is well-known for her earth activism, particularly in raising awareness, cleaning up beaches and doing fundraisers for Sea Shepherd Australia. She’s pagan, which means she’s “earth honouring”.

Natureluster is essentially a way of life – “how we eat, act and seek pleasure”, and being Stacey’s brainchild, of course it’s plugged heavily into being earth-conscious.

It’s all pretty awesome. You can download a free program (1, 2 or 3 months) that guides you to embracing a healthier, more active and earth-friendly lifestyle. You don’t have to sign up to anything, or buy into a fad diet – just be open to improving your lifestyle. In Stacey’s words, if we love something, we save it, and we ripple outwards. So if you can get into this, perhaps others will, too. It creates a ripple effect and leads to immense change.

Stacey is very much an example of what she promotes – she’s fired up about conservation, protecting the earth and its beauty, including its animal life, and she is all about being a catalyst for change. This isn’t about your system of faith or spirituality, but about being active human beings, who not only lead healthy lifestyles that embrace being in nature and not tied to a desk, but also eating well, and being connected.