My next book

So I’ve taken a bit of a break from … things. Namely, social media. Writing columns about stuff that many other writers are capable of handling. And just in general, I’ve taken the time to simplify and work out some creative goals. It’s one thing to want to be(come) a good writer, the kind who produces stories that people willingly lose themselves in for two nights straight; it’s another to get lost in the idea of it, and not really do anything.

So. I took my attention off the more public writing I do at times, and went into novel-writing overdrive. The result is that I’ve (finally) finished a couple of drafts of my sequel to Courting Samira and am now in that squirmy, heart-wrenching phase where I can’t bear to look at the manuscript in case I decide it’s all rubbish and decide I have to start again.

I published Samira without an editor to guide me throughout the process. I certainly benefitted from the advice given to me by knowledgeable people (see the acknowledgments), and in particular, being my own editor had its rewards. I don’t worry about being too attached to my stories. If anything, I worry more about being too hard on myself and junking everything.

So I’m trying to figure out a few things, given the sequel – This is How You Get Better – will be self-published again. I’ve learned a LOT from publishing two books. I’ll be far better prepared this time, and am giving myself ample time to do things right. But, the editing process is the thing that’s gnawing at me right now.

Finally, the issue of cost. Unfortunately, getting funding can be tricksy for self-published authors, even if they’re full-time writers. I won’t launch into a discussion on the system of grants, but suffice to say that having a publisher certainly has its benefits on that front.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to share your own thoughts on self-publishing/editing/being-your-own-worst-critic.

And here’s a nice success story for the self-publishing naysayers.