Find your balance

Blackmores stress less campaignAs a long-time health writer (mainly in trade), you’re exposed to a variety of well-being offerings and, sometimes, you really click with a brand on a personal level. I’m a fan of supplements, and while some don’t subscribe to their potency, I do, in the same way I dig aromatherapy essences, mists and the like.

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Blackmores is targeting stress. The tagline is none other than my personal (albeit unofficial) motto for life: find a balance.

I don’t like stress, in the same way most reasonable human beings don’t. But as Blackmores points out, your stress levels can make you ill. I usually feel it in the gut and my digestion suffers. And my head feels like there’s a bag of cats fighting in it. And my sleep becomes rubbish.

So. I am pumped to try out the Digestive Bio Balance (which tastes very much like a fruit tingle) and the Multi supplement – Sustained Release Multi + Antioxidant. And there is also a Sleep Sound Formula that makes my heart sing in anticipation.

Basically, Blackmores’ offerings are a stressed-out supplement-lover’s dream. Like being let loose in the Wonka factory when you have a predilection for chocolate.

The new element to its stress campaigning is a survey – you can  assess your stress at Blackmores’ website, an exercise that in itself is useful if you’re trying to figure out why you let the bag of cats in.