This Is How You Get Better by Amal Awad

This Is How You Get Better

Guilt is an emotion for which I have no time. It’s exhausting, stops you from having any fun, and is the equivalent of one of those T-shirts that says ‘I went to [insert adventure] and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’.

In recovery mode after a messy divorce from a non-Muslim man, Lara Abdel-Aziz is estranged from her family and out of touch with her best friend Samira. She works in a fast food shop in Sydney, but also sings at a local bar. The owner, Leo, is good company, but her only other interactions are with mostly-absent flatmate Icky, and new age store owner Angela, who wants Lara to work for her and get in touch with her higher self.

Lara is comfortably on autopilot until a near-assault at work forces her into counselling and she must start to unpack the events of her life and make peace with the past.

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